Invalid characters in JSON

Recently I run into problems trying to save JSON into MySQL database. Even though MySQL supports JSON type for some time now, there are still plenty of gotchas while you work with it. The situation is pretty critical with special characters. This time we are going to be short and on the topic of invalid JSON characters.

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PHP – What is the difference between echo and print?

PHP can sometimes be confusing where it shouldn’t be. One area of confusion is the issue with duplicate built-in functions. I’m always inclined to think that developers probably had good reason to make duplicates and the most of the times its good assumption.

But is it always true? Let’s see on the example of echo end print functions.

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PHP – What is the difference between single and double quotes?

Difference between single and double quotes in PHP can be confusing. Moreover, it can lead to unexpected results, so it’s better to get familiar with it so you can avoid bugs.

Let’s dive into the details…

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How many CPU cores do I need?

In the 3rd installment of the Beginners guide to programming, we will explore Central Processing Unit (CPU) and its role in the computer system and programming. I hope that you remember everything from first and second level programming guide. If not, you can refresh your memory before you jump into this one.

We will start exploring CPU role from the perspective of simple question many people are asking these days which is: How many CPU cores do I need?

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Why is my computer or phone so slow? – part 2

Welcome to the level 2 of computer and programming guide. Remember all from level 1 guide for programmers?

The answer to the question from the title could be that you have RAM issues. RAM is the main memory of your computer or phone and it seems that your apps are eating to much RAM. Your whole operating system (Android, iOS, Windows) is slow because it requires more RAM but how it’s possible when you uninstalled some apps but nothing much is changed? It’s still slow.

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Beginners guide to programming – part 1

This series is meant to gradually introduce programming to the total beginners. And I mean like really total, like my father or mother which are actually using their computer without having the smallest clue how it works. As a matter of fact if the operating system freeze they may be able to restart the computer and that’s where their troubleshooting knowledge ends. Don’t get me wrong, restarting operating system helped me numerous times and it’s always one of the first choices I made in the path of troubleshooting.

However, if your plan is to become developer/ programmer you need to expand your knowledge of computer inner workings and I can assure you it’s more interesting than you might think. And it’s easy, at least to the level you need. Let’s begin …

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GDPR cookie consent script (open source)

There’s no need to reiterate much about GDPR law and everything that came with it. In one moment nobody didn’t care about it like it’s just another obscure and annoying EU law. Then few weeks before actual enforcement date, the most companies started to implement some kind of implementation.

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BIND server doesn’t work

There are many reasons for BIND server not to work. BIND is quite old and stable open source project so if it doesn’t work it’s usually something related to configuration and less likely something due to the compilation, installation or bug in the package. Also, there are more than few uses of BIND server so configurations can vary from one use case to another.

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How do I get the size of a directory on the command line in Linux?

There are some situations when you need to check size of directories on your Linux server. Usually it’s due to logging which can consume your hard disk, especially if you have heavy traffic web site or if you log some common type events. Log rotation can help but you need to configure it properly according to your hard disk size.

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We sold our amazing Vega rigs and you ask me how I feel?

It has been a month since we sold our fully automated 56/64 Vega rigs with 14 cards on 3 mobos and 3 PSU’s, automated Arduino hard reset and custom made software reset tools. All true and devoted miners would ask – why? Well, it was not a FUD nor price drop which made us go that way, but there were a dozen of other reasons for and against the sale. Actually, it was not our intention to sell it at all, but we just wanted to test the market and raised the price 50% up, so in case someone buys – we’ll profit nicely. As all we know, Radeon RX Vega are quite rare on the market nowadays, almost impossible to find at all!!!

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