We sold our amazing Vega rigs and you ask me how I feel?

It has been a month since we sold our fully automated 56/64 Vega rigs with 14 cards on 3 mobos and 3 PSU’s, automated Arduino hard reset and custom made software reset tools. All true and devoted miners would ask – why? Well, it was not a FUD nor price drop which made us go that way, but there were a dozen of other reasons for and against the sale. Actually, it was not our intention to sell it at all, but we just wanted to test the market and raised the price 50% up, so in case someone buys – we’ll profit nicely. As all we know, Radeon RX Vega are quite rare on the market nowadays, almost impossible to find at all!!!

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Monero (XMR) rig monitoring and auto-restart with Arduino – tutorial

Those who are running crypto currencies mining operation know about importance of good automation. There are plenty of software around that can help you achieve as much automation as possible for different crypto currencies. But sometimes soft reboot of mining software is not an option. Especially in highly beta ecosystem such as AMD RX Vega rigs with blockchain driver and Windows 10. Even after tweaking voltage and frequency for graphic cards, blockchain driver is unstable and many times leads to Windows bluescreen or freeze that requires manual restart of the rig.

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Botnets are killing the crypto-mining business

If you used to mine Monero for the past 2 months, you surely noticed a rapid increase in nethash. Discussing this with other community members the most of us agree that this brutal increase of net hash is related to botnets. Botnet-masters have found the way to monetize their huge CPU power, surely much profitable way then using it for useless or even paid DDoS attacks. Now, the Monero community is getting concerned because it seems that more then a half of the network hashrate is coming from the botnet-like structures. There are no adequate measures to isolate botnets from the network, although some pools, tend to fight the pest.

 What is actually the problem with botnets?

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